Real Estate

Bastogi operates in the real estate sector through the Brioschi Group and other smaller companies.
In particular, Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare which has been listed on the stock exchange since 1914, is one of the main real estate operators in Italy. Brioschi’s business is focused on the integrated development of large urban areas through the design and construction of innovative complexes, which combine quality, eco-sustainability and great design. Brioschi complements its medium-long term development projects with investments in income property and the sale and purchase of property complexes.
In keeping with its business strategy, Brioschi’s property assets mainly comprise income properties and sites for real estate development projects in Italy, mainly in the North.

Among the recent projects: the Milanofiori Nord complex in Milan (Assago) and the Via Darwin complex in Milan.


Brioschi Group and Bastogi S.p.A. are sharing a multi-purpose development project partecipano for the enhancement of the agricultural activities in the Milanofiori Sud area, covering a surface of approximately 1,100,000 sqm in the Municipality of Rozzano (Milan).




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