Frigoriferi Milanesi

   FrigoriferiMilanesi_logo         Frigoriferi Milanesi are now a meeting point and place of exchange dedicated to art and culture. They were built in 1899 as an ice factory and refrigerated warehouses, but repeatedly changed the type of business over the years in order to adapt to the requirements of the times.

The Frigoriferi Milanesi were used to conserve the foodstuffs of the Milanese people until the arrival of electrical appliances; during the years of the economic boom they were used to store fur coats, carpets and precious objects.

Since 2003 Frigoriferi Milanesi host Open Care – Servizi per l'arte, the first European company to integrate all the activities for the management, conservation and enhancement of works of art.

The historic industrial complex also hosts the Palazzo del Ghiaccio, the liberty style building which was built in 1923 as the largest covered ice rink in Europe, and which is now a multi-purpose space.

The complex also includes the World Trade Center of Milan, and the restaurant La Cucina dei Frigoriferi Milanesi.

After major refurbishment works, Frigoriferi Milanesi host cultural events, exhibitions, presentations, shows, screenings and concerts and have become the headquarters for various companies with different characteristics but who all operate in the fields of  art and culture.



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