Open Care - Servizi per l'arte


Open Care - Servizi per l'arte provides integrated services for the management,  enhancement and conservation of works of art and precious objects, in premises that are equipped with the most innovative technologies and the support of handling, conservation, restoration and art consulting experts.
Open Care's headquarters are in via Piranesi in Milan, in the historic Frigoriferi Milanesi complex (1899), which hosts numerous professional firms active in the artistic and cultural spheres.


Open Care operates in the following sectors:

Art consulting: valuation of specific works of art and entire estates, management of corporate and private collections, inventories, archives, management of archiving and authentication procedures, assistance for sale, art advisory services, expertise, legal and fiscal consultancy.

Storage:  an 8 thousand square metres high security storage area with environmental control system vaults for paintings, sculptures, furnishings, jewels and documents.
Conservation and Restauration: laboratories specialising in the maintenance and restoration of  paintings, frescoes, ancient, modern and contemporary works of art, wood furnishings, tapestries and antique textiles, carpets and antique scientific instruments, supported by a laboratory for physical and chemical analyses.
Shipping and logistics:  movement in Italy and abroad of individual objects, collection and exhibitions, packing material, management of customs and ministerial procedures, insurance, preparation and registration activities.


Open Care’s clients are banks and insurance companies, businesses, operators from the art sector (art gallery owners, dealers, antique dealers, auction houses), government offices, museums, foundations, religious bodies and private collectors.


Open Care promotes FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, a new centre dedicated to art and art collecting, opened in April 2016, bringing together in a single context all the subjects and functions relating to the valorization of art, exhibition and the conservation of private art collections and artists’ estates.FM Centre for Contemporary Art includes: an exhibition area dedicated to the exhibition of Italian and international private art collections; a temporary space for contemporary art galleries; a new open storage facility for art collectors wishing to make their collections accessible to the public; a series of artists’ estates; a program of residences for artists and curators.



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