Respect for the environment is a feature of all the Bastogi Group’s projects. This translates on the one hand to actions for limiting the environmental impact linked to the provision of its services and on the other to environmental responsibility ventures, including a commitment towards projects for safeguarding and enhancing the value of the resources and cultural heritage of the local community and territory.

The Groups values espouse ethics and solidarity and it supports organisations which aim to improve the quality of people’s lives, with a specific focus on the promotion of culture and social responsibility.

In December 2008 the Group adopted an Ethics Charter and a Code of Conduct. These documents summarise the values and principles of the company’s corporate culture and provide rules of engagement for shareholders, directors, employees, consultants, partners, suppliers and clients. These documents represent the evolution of the Ethics Charter which was adopted by the company as of 2004.

As of 2009 with the Sustainability Report, the Bastogi Group has adopted its own system of environmental and social reporting and interaction with its stakeholders. 

In 2011 an internal working group was set up which involved the owners of the company, the top management, various department heads and some operational figure operative for the creation of a socio-environmental report, which is an updatable instrument that is available on-line and is better able to reflect the specific nature of the organisation than the first model of the Sustainability Report.



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